About Us

VNC Sales & Marketing is dedicated to improving the professional beauty industry by setting the standard for professional sales representation. Manufacturers choose VNC Sales & Marketing because of our steadfast dedication to our core business principles of working hard, being honest and honing good communication skills in order to build long-term business relationships.

We represent select like-minded manufacturers who desire to grow their business the old fashion way….the right way….the only way. We don’t apologize for our success and neither should you.

VNC Sales & Marketing has grown to become the most successful national sales organization in the professional beauty industry. Our success is due in large part to our solid relationships with the manufacturers we represent and the clients we service. Anyone can get lucky and sell something once. We make our own luck by leveraging our expertise in the marketplace with the result being a long term thriving business.

We want to showcase our recent transformation, and share our vision for the future success of VNC, our partner manufacturers and distributors through creating strong beneficial alliances. This involves connecting the right brands with the right distributors and distribution channels, providing sales support to our distributors and brand guidance to our manufacturers.

VNC History

VNC continues a history of adapting to industry changes. Kevin Van Nest joined the rep organization of Bienvenu Cottam in 1984, bringing his prior distributor experience and knowledge to the team. Eventually becoming partner and ultimately principal in 1990, he brought VNC through significant industry changes and distributor consolidations of the 90’s. Over the ensuing years, VNC achieved tremendous growth and enlarged territory coverage, solidified partnerships with distributors and manufacturers and maintained a close-knit, family feeling with the sales force and office staff.

In 2016, with significant direction and personnel changes and a new vision for VanNest Company (VNC), we continue to grow and change with the industry. We have made coverage changes to better utilize our strengths, and are focusing on enforcing our foundation in 3 key territories. Our success is attributed to our ability to work closely and personally with both vendors and distributors.

Today, we have to be more than just “order takers”. We must stay in tune with trends, new avenues of distribution and new business and social media technology to ensure growth for us, our vendors and our manufacturers.

Change is good. We believe the choices we have made this year will create a strong foundation for our immediate and future success. We have relocated to new facilities to better serve our staff and field sales force. Our streamlined territories will better serve our manufacturers and distributors and will strengthen these partnerships. Addition of strong, experienced sales members and staff prepare us for tomorrow’s beauty industry. VNC is moving forward with commitment to our business and to maintaining the personal touch that is so important in this industry.

  • The Beginning


    VNC Sales & Marketing founded in Memphis, Tennessee by Don Cottam

  • Big Move


    Don moved the company’s headquarters to Dallas, Texas where he chose to partner with long-time business associate, Kevin Van Nest. The company became known in the professional beauty industry as Cottam-Van Nest.

  • Rertirement & Name Change


    Associate Charlie Coleman, became a partner in the business upon Don’s retirement. The company then became known as Cottam, Van Nest and Coleman until later when the name was changed to Van Nest-Coleman.

  • Expansion


    Van Nest-Coleman expanded from their base in the Southwest and moved into the Midwest territory where they quickly became a force in the marketplace.

  • Name Change


    The name of the company was changed to VNC Sales & Marketing. Our group is made up of strong individuals and this name change reflects our ongoing promotion of team spirit within our organization.

Why Use Us?

VNC Sales & Marketing provides a multitude of services to the manufacturers we represent: