Product Development

VNC Sales & Marketing is a leader in manufacture representation in the beauty industry. Our experience and knowledge of the industry has lead us to helping with the growth and development of many products looking to enter this space. In addition to consulting, sales, and relationship management, we offer product development services. We have found that there are many great products trying to make it into the beauty industry but haven't yet created a brand that makes and impact and captures the distributors and end user eye due to lack of brand development. VNC Sales & Marketing knows how to recognize a great product with potential to make big strides, but sometimes these products don't have the “look” to get the attention they should. This is the reason VNC Sales & Marketing has opened its product development division. We offer Branding and Design for your company identity and product packaging, web design and development services, promotional and informational video production, product photography, online marketing services and more. There are many avenues devised by VNC Sales & Marketing to help up and coming brands, we offer a variety of options based on the product type and potential. The following is a breakdown of some of our services, take a look and contact us if you would like to get an evaluation.

Branding StandardsWant to be in the big time? You need to look the part! VNC will analyze your branding, logo/identity, fonts, colors, and product layouts. After an assessment of your branding, VNC will develop an industry lead mock up to bring your brand to the professional level. In addition to your branding, product design and development are keys to success! You may have the best product on the market, but if it doesn't look the part then it may never be noticed. Finally we also help with the design of advertisements, print collateral and other miscellaneous design needs that are based on your brand score.

Website DevelopmentOnce your brand looks the part, it is imperative that your online presence reflect that! Having a consistent them that is portrayed on your website for the world to see is of the utmost importance! Everyone from distributors, to end users, to sponsors, to media will need to find out information about your company and product and when someone lands it needs to be an amazing experience that gives them confidence about your brand! In addition, some brands need to have the ability to sell there products on line. VNC can facilitate merchant accounts and e-commerce solutions to brands who deem that a necessity.

Video ProductionYou know your product better then anyone, now the goal is to get the public to know it as well as you do! Producing informational, promotional and instructional videos is one of the most important things you can do. In the technological day and age we live in, it is a must to use video to promote your brand and it's products! VNC has a wide variety of video production opportunities that it can provide in a sequence that makes the most senses for launching and growing a product.

Product PhotographyIt's hard to determine what is the single most important part of your branding is, but most would say it is your product photography. This is what all who inquire about you will see. In this day and age everyone has a camera and believes they are taking quality photography. This, however, is not the case! It is important to have professional photography as it will be used in everything from packaging, to branding, to online marketing and advertising. Product photography may be the single most important part of your business.

Online MarketingIn this new age, business is done online. Businesses are discovered, rated, shared, and contacted through online marketing. The growth of social media and “theme” sites have become a massive way of promoting your product and getting affirmation from industry experts. From the look and feel of you online marketing, to the content and even the post frequency, VNC will consult and teach the best way to grow followers, likes, shares and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From design, to copy writing, online marketing is a complex system of delivering your brand to the right people and creating a following of fans and supporters. Having the right online marketing approach may be the best way to get in front of the decision makers who put your brand out for the world to love!

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